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Nozomi Kanda's concerts and recital have seen her perform in many countries, including Belgium (Flagey, MIM, Festival des Midi-Minimes, Ars Musica, Festival Mozart, Festival de Wallonie), Spain, France, Luxembourg, Norway, Tunisia and her home country, Japan as a soloist and as a chamber musician together with artists such as Marc Grauwels, Kohei Nishikawa, Pascal Moragues, Francis Orval, Tatiana Samouïl, Werner Bärtschi, Alexander Dmitriev etc.  


During her studies, Nozomi developed an interest in the shinobue, a traditional Japanese flute, and studied with Kohei Nishikawa, who has a high reputation in the field of the contemporary music for Japanese instruments, and Rio Tosha who has a high reputation in the field of the traditional Japanese music. Nozomi also regularly gives Japanese music concerts with ensembles that include Japanese instruments such as koto, shamisen, shakuhachi and also taiko. Nozomi created and she released her own album CD "Sky Echo" with Japanese music.

Being inspired by her former professor Yukihiko Nisizawa, a known specialist who collaborated offten with Japanese composors such as Toru Takemitsu, and having studied the Japanese traditionnel music, one of the main activities of Nozomi Kanda is bringing out known and unkown contemporary / 20th century's repertoire of Japanese music written for flute and for shinobue. She also made the World Premiere of works written by composers such as David Loeb (Mannes College professor - USA) and Jan Freidlin (Israël).


As a chamber musician, she performed in many countries and festivals, and she released several CD's: "4 Reasons" with flute quartet ensemble 4tempi, "Early 20th Century Jewels" with 20th Century's works with viola, cello, double bass and harp, and an album with the Tokyo-Bruxelles Trio (flute, cello and piano).


Nozomi Kanda teaches regularly at "the International Music Academy" in Dinant (Belgium). She also gave workshops, seminars, masterclasses in France, Norway, Japan and gives regularly Japanese flute seminar in Paris.


She has been invited to Musiq'3 (Belgian classical channel radio), Radio Judaica and regularly writes articles for a Yokohama newspaper as well as the online magazine BEL2. Her varied activities led to be interviewed by several media around the World.


Graduated from Ferris University in Japan and The Mons Royal Conservatory in Belgium. She studied under Akane Takahashi, Yasukazu Uemura, Yukihiko Nishizawa and Marc Grauwels in Belgium. While in Paris, Nozomi studied under Vincent Lucas at the International Music Academy of Nice and later with Vincent Cortvrint at the International Music Academy of Dinant. She took a License at the Tosha school of Japanese Traditional music.

Japanese music

Japanese music programs are varied from traditional music to contemporary music, 

Nozomi Kanda often performs Japanese music, both Traditional and Classical contemporary, both on classical flute and Japanese flute, not only on the Japanese flute with traditional instruments and also with western classical instruments.


In contemporary music, she emphasis works by contemporary Japanese composers to promote music of her own culture in Western countries.


In more popular events, she performs folks music, also in her own arrangements, equally on classical flute and on shinobue.

Traditional Classic music