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Seminar & Workshop

I give workshops of shinobue where you can try the Shinobue instrument, as well as lectures to introduce the history of Japanese music and culture for children to adult. In addition to the shinobue, you can also try playing the shamisen and koto as an option.  These workshops are given for schools, academies, conservatories, and associations and also during the summer music seminars.  We also occasionally organise workshops by inviting professional traditional musicians.

Previous Japanese Music Workshops 

Shinobue & Japanese Music :

the International Music Academy in Dinant (Belgium)

At the International Music Academy in Fort-Mahon (Picardie, France)

Regular workshops and traditional Japanese music lecture in Paris with “Tsunagari Taïko” (Paris)

Shinobue workshop at Strasbourg Regional Conservatory (France)

Shinobue workshop and Japanese music lecture at Nihon no Nami (Wroclaw, Poland)

Shinobue workshop at the Waterloo Music Academy (Belgium)

Other Instruments Workshop in Brussels

Nagauta shamisen and Japanese singing ​workshop by Mariwo Fuka

Tsugaru Shamisen workshop by Hideaki Tsuji

Koto Workshop by Gaho Takahashi

 Information about concerts, in-person/online events and other information about Nozomi Kanda's activities (flute/shinobue)

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