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Made in Asia (Expo) 

[BRUSSELS] 01, 02, 03 March

Stand Shinobue , mini-concerts

Shinobue Workshop  

[BRUSSELS] 09 March

​Japanese Association Private Concert

 [BRUSSESLS] 21 March 7 p.m.

Concert Meridian 4 (flute orchestra) ​

 [Sint-Genesius-Rode] 24 March 

​Japanese music Lecture at Ikebana International 
[Dilbeek] 20 April


Concert - Un Bel Moment
[YOKOHAMA] 6 May 2 p.m.

Nagahama Hall 
Emi Shinzato piano, Toshio Mase violoncelle


Nozomi_fl_shinobue copy.jpg


Nozomi Kanda's concerts and recital have seen her perform in many countries, including Belgium(Flagey, MIM, Festival des Midi-Minimes, Ars Musica, Festival Mozart, Festival de Wallonie) , Spain, France, Luxembourg, Norway, Tunisia and her home country, Japan as a soloist and as a chamber musician.


During her studies, Nozomi developed an interest in the shinobue, a traditional Japanese flute, and studied with Kohei Nishikawa, who has a high reputation in this field. Nozomi also regularly gives Japanese music concerts with ensembles that include Japanese instruments such as koto, shamisen, shakuhachi and also taiko. Nozomi created and performed several shows for children in Belgium and in Japan.     More about her activities 


Released Japanese music CDs

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