Flute & Shinobue Lesson

Flute & Shinobue (Japanese traditional flute) lesson

( in Yokosuka Japan &  ONLINE via Skype, Zoom etc...)

Flute lesson for kids, adults / beginners to advanced

 / From 1 to 3 times a month or just 1 lesson 

Possibilities to play in public (Student concerts etc.) 

The shinobue is a flute used in street music but also on the occasion of sophisticated artistic performances for example for Kabuki.

Traditionally, Japanese music is learned orally by shoga (onomatopoeic song). During the lesson you will also experience this learning method.

What is a lesson plan ?!

- For beginners we start with breathing technique and body relaxation

- Learning the notation (for shinobue)

- shinobue and Japanese music basic knowledge 

- learning simple melodies 

How to buy the instrument ?!

It seems difficult to get thoses traditional flutes. Please rest assured that I will help you to choose and to get the instrument even for outside of Japan.

How do online lessons work ?!

The online lesson will be given based on videos you send me before the live lesson to compensate the lack of quality in the live chat video. However it is strongly recommended to use external microphone and speaker to have a high quality lesson


Lessons : 

From 1 to 3 times a month 

Yokosuka - ONLINE

Price / Reductions for kids 

Pay per lesson 

30 minutes  -  35€ (¥ 4,000) 

50 minutes  -  45€ (¥ 5,000) 


2 Lessons per month

30 minutes  -  65€ (¥ 7,000)

50 minutes  -  85€ (¥ 9,000) 


Pay per lessons for 3 lessons

30 minutes  -  90€ (¥ 10,000)

50 minutes  - 120€ (¥ 13,000)    

(this can give you a lesson a month during 3 months) 

Possible to pay by credit card

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